60-Day List

LifeStyle Home Builders is proud to offer an extensive Customer Care program which not only provides our Homeowners with the typical 11-Month List, but also an interim visit by a LifeStyle Home Builders’ representative which is done approximately 60-days after settlement.

60-Day List – We know that during the first couple of months, you will want to show your friends and relatives your new LifeStyle home and we want you to be proud of it. We have developed an opportunity for you to submit a list of warranty concerns approximately 60 to 80 days after closing. Waiting 60 days after closing allows you sufficient time to become settled in your new home and thoroughly examine all components.  A form for your 60-Day List will be mailed to you and one is available here, as well. Please read the “Product Expectations and Warranty” chapter of your Homeowner’s Manual prior to completing your 60-Day List as some items provide for a “one-time repair” and you may want to wait until your 11-Month List to include such items.

The following items will be corrected if listed on the 60-Day List:

  1. Door adjustments (sticking or inoperable) for interior and exterior doors
  2. Caulking which was missed during installation
  3. Installation of any back-ordered fixtures or parts

PLEASE NOTE:  Drywall repairs are a time consuming process. To inconvenience you as little as possible, we ask that you only list these items on one warranty list. They may be listed on either your 60-Day List or your 11-Month List. However, we recommend that you include them on your 11-Month List so that your home can undergo sufficient settlement and complete a full heating/cooling cycle.

The following items will not be corrected if noted on your 60-Day List as they are “appearance” items and should have been listed on the Pre-Settlement Orientation Checklist:

  1. Dings, dents, cracks, scratches, holes, and stains which appear on the following: sinks, tubs, plumbing fixtures, countertops, cabinet doors, light fixtures, mirrors, glass, door trim and drywall.
  1. Window and screens which are broken or scratched.
  1. Tile, carpet, hardwood, and vinyl flooring which is stained, has a surface defect, holes, scratches or indentations.
  1. Doors, trim and hardware with dents, gouges, slices, or scratches.
  1. Drywall with respect to gouges, dents or holes in drywall.
  1. Paint with marks that require touch-ups. All paint touch-ups should have been listed on the Pre-Settlement Orientation Checklist. No painting will occur after move-in except where drywall repairs have been made by LifeStyle Home Builders, and only those areas painted with the standard Shell White paint color applied by LifeStyle Home Builders. After settlement, touch-up of any custom colors for any reason will be the Homeowner’s responsibility. Refer to the “Paint and Stain” section in the “Product Expectations and Warranty” chapter.
  1. Finish on appliances – no dents, scratches, gouges, etc. 

* With regard to repairs after settlement, consider the fact that more damage occurs to your walls, trim, countertops, cabinets, tubs, etc. during the actual “moving” process than at any other time. LifeStyle Home Builders cannot be responsible for these items after you take possession.