Monthly Archives: December 2014

How to Design a House: The Ultimate Checklist

When the time comes to make a move, it can be challenging not to think about all the features you’d like to have in a new house. And whatever unique blend of features you have in mind, it can be tough to find that in an existing resale home. That’s why working with a custom builder […]

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How Model Homes Guide Your Custom Floor Plan

If you’ve ever walked through a model home, you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed. Already deep into the thinking and excitement of buying a house, you find yourself standing there in the model compiling a mental list of questions and thoughts. While the model home is a stunning example of what’s possible with […]

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Best Floor Plans for Multi-Generational Family Homes

One of the most requested features in a growing number of new custom home is the ability to accommodate a multi-generational family lifestyle. Today’s family dynamics come in a variety of ways, some involving in-laws living with their children as they grow older and other with college graduates coming back home to live with their […]

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