How to Find the Best Custom Home Builder for Your Lifelong Home

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When looking to build a lifelong home, a house where you can age in place and safely grow old, keep in mind that the home must remain functional for many years. You need a house that is customizable, offering many choices in features. This increase in choices leads to a home that grows with you.


To age in place, your home must meet specific needs. The best custom home builders can properly adjust the building process to meet these needs. From the floor plan and layout to small details like door knobs style, custom home builders give you more options than production home builders.

Many first time home buyers will opt for a production home build or an existing home because of that reason. They might not have specific needs yet and don’t want too many choices to make. Custom homes are ideal for people who have owned homes before and know exactly how they want their house to function and look. With a custom home, you get a lifelong home with a unique look. 

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How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Your best custom home builder will work as your strategic partner, taking your concerns and needs, and turning them into a personalized home design.

Of course, we always recommend choosing a builder who has years of experience delivering customized designs. Experienced builders know the craft and the industry well.  

Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder About Aging in Place

The most important step to choosing your home builder is establishing a sense of trust between both parties. That trust comes from open and honest communication. Clearly communicate your hopes for the future of your home.

You should also ask your custom home builder questions, such as:

What features are available in your custom homes to help people as they age?

This is a helpful place to begin your conversation. You can get a sense of the builder’s experience and familiarity with the subject. Asking this can help open a dialogue of your personal needs for your home. This will also help you learn if they’re the best custom home builder for your needs.

How flexible are the features of the home? Can age-targeted products be implemented smoothly?

To age in place, it’s important that your home builder offers the age-targeted products and designs you need, in addition to helping you anticipate the aging process. The best custom home builders can give you a sense of how they have helped other families transition living spaces over time. You also want to ensure that the builder has the ability and experience to correctly install these features.

How does your team work together to create the home I want and need?

In choosing to build a custom home, you are not signing up for home that has a sterile or hospital-like atmosphere. Be sure to ask how a builder and design team give you what you will need without sacrificing the elegant design of your home. A great way to get a sense of this is to also tour the design studio and speak to a design consultant about their vision for your home.

 At LifeStyle Home Builders, we work closely with you to create a home that fits your family’s needs. In our in-house design studio, we help you choose from dozens of customizable features and age-targeted products so you can create a beautiful, safe home to enjoy for many years to come.