Meet the Design Studio Team: Meg Bianco

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Meg Bianco Meg Bianco is a Design Studio Consultant for Lifestyle Home Builders. She has nearly ten years of experience and an Interior Design degree from East Carolina University.

Meg believes a person’s perspective of their surroundings forms their experience. The lighting, palette and layout can transpire into feelings of comfort and welcoming when thoughtfully composed by the right individual. Five words to best describe Meg: genuine, dedicated, thoughtful, enthusiastic and creative.

From her inspirations to her background, here’s a little more about who Meg is:

Q: What is your background and experience that you bring to Lifestyle?

Meg: With my degree in Interior Design, my initial experience was with a residential design firm. We focused on both existing homes and new construction. Overall, I enjoyed helping clients bring their dream home to fruition.

Q: How long have you been in this industry?

Meg: I’ve been in this industry nearly ten years, working in both residential and commercial design. I recently decided to concentrate in residential; it is much more creative and personal. You work closely with clients to build a house, which in turn becomes their home to make memories and milestones.

Q: How and when did you end up working for LifeStyle? What brought you here?

Meg: Lifestyle is a great fit! I have been a part of the team for about a year, it is a true family environment. The Design Studio is just icing on the cake–what a fantastic place to partner with clients!

Q: Why do you like working in the Design Studio at LSHB?

Meg: The Design Studio allows us to collaborate with clients under one roof. We select flooring, cabinetry, countertops, etc. which helps envision everything together. Plus in interior design and home building, rapport and relationships are the key to success.

Q: Define/describe your style.

Meg: A true interior designer interprets their client’s style. As for personal taste, I am drawn to Art Nouveau, French inspirations, more classic looks. I try to stay away from trends as they become outdated.

Q: Tell us about a home/client you worked with recently that you absolutely loved.

Meg: When working on a home, I consider the exterior elevation in relation to the interior as it is a complete package. My most recent designer home was a farmhouse; I incorporated some classic elements such as wrought iron fixtures, bead board and red siding for a cohesive look.

Q: What do you look forward to most in your job?

Meg: My job consists of an interesting process which entails my input and the clients. As a result, when the home is completed, I look forward to experiencing the client’s satisfaction.

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