How to Prepare for Aging in Place in Richmond, VA

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Aging in place means being able to live in your own home and community safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of your age, income or ability level.

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The goal of aging in place is to help you stay in your own house instead of moving to assisted living facilities. According to a recent survey by AARP, 89 percent of people over age 50 hope to age in place.

Aging in Place in Richmond, VA

Over one quarter of a million people in the Richmond area will be over 65 by 2030, outnumbering school-age children for the first time in history. As expected, this aging Baby Boomer generation continues to change how people work and live as more of them take steps to age in place.

Building for Aging in Place

Homes and communities are now being designed to help people age in place. These places include safety features from handle bars in restrooms to well-lit paths and sidewalks. They also include amenities like medical offices, grocery stores, post offices and more.

If you are thinking about moving or building a new home, it may be the perfect time for you to consider how you could age in place. Are you planning to retire in your new home? What kind of needs may you have if you stay in your home to age 70 or 80?

Preparing to Age in Place

It is never too early to consider aging in place. Many people begin taking steps to a safer home when their children have left for college. Without children in the house, adults might want a smaller home or have more freedom to move to a new neighborhood.

To prepare to age in place, you’ll need to consider factors both in and outside of your home. You should ask yourself questions, like:

  • Is my home wheelchair-accessible, including wide doorways, smooth transitions between different rooms and a master suite on the first floor?
  • How much maintenance and cleaning does my home require?
  • Am I close to my doctor’s office, the grocery store or other amenities?
  • Are my mortgage payment and property tax affordable when I retire?
  • Is there a mode of transportation, besides a car, I can use to get to places I need to go?
  • Are there events or resources for seniors in my community?

By answering these questions, you can determine if you are in the right home and right neighborhood to age in place.

How Can A Custom Home Help You Prepare to Age in Place?

If you do need to move to a new location, building a custom home can help you plan for the future. Custom homes can often save you money and time compared to renovations.

When building a custom home, you can take into account your possible future needs. While it is costly and time-intensive to widen doorways of an existing home, it is easier to plan ahead and build wheelchair-friendly hallways, doorways, and entrances in a new home. Every room in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen, can be designed to promote safety and independence.

During the building process, also think about who else might be living with you. More and more families are choosing to live in multi-generational homes where adult children can help seniors live well. If your adult children may live with you, you should consider their needs as well. For instance, your children may want a space they can call their own within the house, requiring another master suite.

At LifeStyle Home Builders, we get to know you so we can craft a home that fits your needs now and well into the future. We want to understand how to help all people living in your home feel safe and comfortable. Together, we can design a space that suits your entire family and helps you live independently for years to come.

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