Reduce Your Custom Home Cost in Richmond With a 3D Home Tour

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At Lifestyle Home Builders, we include a 3D virtual home tour in every custom home buying experience. We believe these tours offer you amazing benefits, helping you feel confident in your home design and purchase. We also know that these home tours can help you save money, so you can get exactly the home you want for less.

Costs of Building a Custom Home

Many different factors affect the final cost of your custom home. These can include:

  •       The home lot and land
  •       Building materials
  •       Labor
  •       Custom design elements and choices
  •       Custom structural modifications to doors, walls and windows
  •       Layout changes to bathrooms and kitchens

By taking a virtual home tour, you can reduce some of these costs and lower the cost of your home overall. Virtual home tours help you:

Know Exactly What Your Home Costs

The virtual home tour helps us deliver a detailed, accurate account of the costs of building your home. You can better control your budget by choosing the customizations you truly want and need that fit within what you want to spend. You’ll be able to see the effects of these customizations on how your home looks and feels so you can better weigh costs versus benefits.

Avoid Costly Surprises and Changes

If you haven’t had a chance to visualize your home with a home tour, you may end up having some unpleasant surprises during building. You may realize a window is too high, a column blocks the view you wanted or a room is simply too small.

When a new home doesn’t meet your expectations, you may end up spending more money in fees and costly building materials after production has already started. The virtual home tour allows us to “build your home” before we file permits or break ground. The tour allows you to shape and design the home you want and expect so you can avoid surprises and costly changes later.

Save Time and Money

Because virtual home tours boost your confidence in home design decisions, you can make these decisions much faster. You won’t need extra time to make all the considerations, struggling to visualize how your home looks based off a piece of paper. You can sign off on your purchase agreement that very day.

After your sign your agreement, our team can get to work faster on exactly the home you want. Without changes to the plan later, we can better stay on the home building schedule and deliver your home on time.

Virtual home tours are just one way we help ensure you receive the customized home of your dreams. Learn more about virtual tours and the home buying experience at LifeStyle Home Builders.