Taking a 3D Virtual Tour with LifeStyle Home Builders – What to Expect

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How We Create Your 3D Virtual Home Tour

First, you’ll work with your site agent to choose your floor plan and personalize it with structural changes you may need. Start by thinking about what your family’s needs are, and how you want to live in your home.


How does your home need to function? What do you need to feel comfortable and happy? Careful consideration of these questions now will help you later in the process.

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By giving us a strong set of instructions for what you want, we can more quickly deliver a home plan and accurate 3D virtual tour that fits your needs. Based on your input, our draftsmen will draw your home plan, and using our cutting edge technology, we will turn those plans into 3D video and images. Once your home tour is ready, we’ll invite you to our offices for a virtual “walk-through” of your new home.

We will guide you through the 3D model of your new home from top to bottom. The first thing someone might notice is that a particular element doesn’t look how they had imagined it would. That is the exact purpose of the virtual walk-through. If something does not feel right, you can request changes to the home plan. For minor changes, our draftsmen can change the 3D images in real-time, helping you explore your options and make final decisions more quickly than before.

At Lifestyle Home Builders, we strive to give you more design input into your new house so it truly becomes your home. With each of our floor plans, there’s an abundance of flexibility, whether it’s adding a sunroom, moving walls or widening doorways.

With that ability to tailor your floor plan to your needs also comes a challenge; it’s more difficult to envision what those changes might look like in a two-dimensional drawing.

To help you better visualize your custom home before it is built, we chose to add a virtual home tour to the LifeStyle Custom Home Building process. What began as a thought to make home pricing easier for the estimators, it became an essential element of the home buying process. These 3D virtual tours enable you to see each structural choice that you make in your home. We are proud to be the only custom home builder in the region who provides this 3D virtual tour experience of your home.

Our 3D virtual tours help you move through your new home, just as you would with a walk-through, before we even break ground.

Once you’ve had your 3D virtual home tour, you can sign off and approve the plans so that our engineers can begin on the next set of technical blueprints.

Benefits of a 3D Virtual Home Tour

Our 3D virtual home tours take the stress and fear out of the homebuilding process. This technology helps our customers have a fun, exciting time when designing their new home. These tours also help us build a strong relationship with you from the beginning so we can ensure we deliver the home of your dreams.

You’ll go on your virtual home tour early in your homebuilding process, long before we break ground or even file for permits. A 3D virtual tour can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your new home structure and customization choices. Once you have the layout, flow and functionality you want, you can better enjoy working with our interior designers and feel excited, not worried, as your house is built.

At Lifestyle Home Builders, we are committed to deliver a truly customized home that fulfills your expectations. From personalized service to 3D virtual home tours to our convenient Design Studio, we give you the services you need to have fun while building the home of your dreams.