What is a Virtual Home Tour and Do You Need One?

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At Lifestyle Home Builders, we strive to give you exactly the custom home you want. We also want you to feel confident about your home purchase decisions long before we even break ground on your new home.

That’s why we’re the only home builder in the region to offer an advanced tool in home design: a customized virtual home tour.

What is a virtual home tour?

A virtual home tour uses home design technology to turn 2D plans for your home into a 3D video tour. The tour takes you through every room of your floor plan from all angles so you can visualize what your new home will look like before it’s built.

While our competitors can show you a virtual home tour, it won’t be your specific home. The tour only shows you a stock floor plan—not the changes you make to it.

At Lifestyle Home Builders, you’ll see the customized 3D tour of your home, and can even make changes to the plan as you are taking the tour. You get to see what your actual home looks like, making it easy to feel confident in your home design and get excited for your new house.

How do virtual home tours work?

Before you have your virtual home tour, you will be able to see your floor plan with your changes in a 2D version. Once you’ve approved the floor plan, our draftsmen use a special program to turn the plans into a 3D tour.

During an appointment with our team and your buying agent, you’ll take the tour and get a feel for how your home will look. You’ll be able to see many details, like how much light comes in through windows, what lines of sight you have from the kitchen and how much space you’ll have in the bathroom. We also offer virtual reality headsets so you can actually stand inside your home and walk around each room.

While on your 3D virtual tour, you can request changes to the floor plan and design if you need them. Changes, like larger windows or doorways or layout changes, will be made by our draftsmen, and you’ll be able to see those changes in your new floor plan.

Take a virtual home tour before buying a home

We suggest that all our clients take a virtual home tour before signing the final purchase agreement for the home. We want you to feel confident and comfortable before making such a large, long-term purchase.

We provide virtual home tours at no extra cost to our clients because we feel it’s an important part of your home-buying experience. Learn more about the home buying experience and virtual home tours with LifeStyle Home Builders.